Riding back to the ancient Greek path”


Private groups only




“Heraklion-Crete Cycling up to the venetian   Fortress and share with us an unforgettable experience following the Greek path beginning from the ancient era till nowadays. 

The walls of the city of Heraclion are from the Venetian period of Crete. Their construction started in 1462 and lasted more than a century. This is the best-preserved fortification of the 15th-16th century in the world and the best-preserved fortification in the Mediterranean.


Get to know the famous fortress XANDAX of Crete in an alternative excursion that will offer you true and memorable experiences.


We will pick you up from hotel and we will follow the path beginning from the ancient fortress of Heraklion to the ancient stadium.

There we will have the first break and we will have a snack and plan a combination of games. After that, we continue to the new stadium where the Olympic games of 2004 were held. We will continue our activities and we will enjoy a delicious barbeque near the sea.

There are two levels of activities:

Level one: Easy challenge without bicycles. All the destination by foot

Level two: Pro Challenge. All the destination by bicycles.




Transportation from and to your hotel

(We use the bus untill the entrance of the fortress and then we wil use bicycles untill the end of the tour at the sea Participation to the athletic events.

Bicycles rent and helmets for your safety.

One snack & Barbeque

All the activities will be supervised by professional trainers.

Souvenir of the program.



The proposed program consists of combinations of games, activities in nature that develop cooperation among people for the achievement of goals and promote human recreation along with:

The team spirit and collaboration that develop relationships of mutual trust

the presentation of skills and the reinforcement of self-confidence of each team member

the rejuvenation and the well-being, through the escape from the stress of everyday routine

the physical contact with the natural environment and

the amusement and the creation of unforgettable experiences from our country.





Special prices apply for groups

Private groups and semi-private groups available

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