Going back in time, 3.500 years, allow your senses to indulge into sensations of the greatness of the Minoan/ Cretan Culture.

With respect and sincere admiration to the Minoan Civilisation that was born here in Crete, we boldly went to depths so as to produce a performance of high artistic approach in an effort to portray the worship of Goddess Mother Nature, the centre of which is the enormous olive tree in our Minoan Theatre and is over 2.000 years old.

The primary experience medium of the performance is dancing. The Minoans loved recreational and religious dancing.

The performance begins with the entrance of men who come from all corners of the island of Crete to take part in the Festival Of Spring. In comes the Priestess who pays respect and prays to the majestic olive tree to start the ceremony.

The ritual continues with the Priestesses performing a dance act that finishes with offerings to the Great Mother Nature symbolizing the circle of life returning produce to the Earth.

We move on with Ariadne’s dance. According to the Myth, Ariadne, daughter of King Minos, unravels a thread to help Theseus escape from the labyrinth of Knossos. In this myth, we recognise a love story that links Minoan Crete to the rest of the Hellenic world.

The entrance of the men follows, performing Minoan sports with an emphasis on the famous bull – leaping. This sport is of religious nature in which the participation of the Aurochs Bull (a sacred animal in ancient Crete symbolizing virility and fertility) pinpoints the courage of the Minoans and their acrobatic potential. We have to underline the bloodless nature of this sport – the bull is not sacrificed at this stage.

The performance is concluded with the appearance of a young Virgin Maiden which brings to mind the abduction of Europa from Zeus. A young man wearing the mask of a bull embarks on a ritual dance which ends with the elevation of the feminine element underlying the matrilinear culture of Minoan Crete. Men and women in an ecstatic state call upon the deity for prosperity.


                            MINOAN THEATER

We boldly  embarked on the creation of the Minoan Performance approaching every step of the way influenced by archaeological evidence, along with admiration and respect for the greatness and timelessness that  The Minoan Civilizations entails.

                                                      MINOAN EXPERIENCE

Our guests will be able to feel with all their senses the past and modern Cretan civilization. The Minoan Culture will be uncovered before the spectators eyes through the premises, aromas, music, colours, flavors, dance and the Minoan Cuisine.

                                                         MINOAN CUISINE

In our Minoan Kitchen we use unique Minoan style clay pots and real wood fire. As the kitchen is open-air, all the guests can witness traditional way of Minoan cooking.

                                                     LIVE MUSIC AND DANCE

Our musicians play musical instruments dated thousand of years back such as Diaulos (ancient Greek wind instrument), the Lyre of Orpheus, Varvitus (a string instrument used to accompany feasts and symposiums as well as Dionysian festivities in ancient times), and ancient percussion instruments.


Come and join us to  experience even for a moment the world of first European civilization!




Minoan theatrical performance combined with gastronomical journey from Minoan to modern Cretan cuisine, Greek live music and dance. The night starts at 20:00 with evening performance in Minoan style amphitheater. After the show the meal is served under the vmoonlight with the sounds of Greek live music and dancing. The evening ends aprox at 23:00. There are 2 Buffets Minoan and Cretan and the guests have the availability of indulging themselves in unique traditional flavors of Crete. The Minoan meal is prepared and cooked in Minoan Kitchen, which guests are allowed to visit.



  • Hand kneaded barley and wheat bread with olive oil and Cretan oregano on the table to give it a special taste.
  • Cretan small Olives
  • Garbanzo -chickpea salad
  • Wild Greens -a variety of fresh Cretan wild plants
  • Traditional small cheese and green pies
  • Panspermia – a great mix of leguminous vegetables, protein seeds, cooked with honey, raisins, dried figs, herbs and sesame seeds
  • Chicken with mustard and herbs
  • Kandavlos – variety of meats grilled on stick
  • Sesonal fruits
  • Minoan dessert with seeds



  • Peasant’s bread, rusks and breadsticks
  • Dakos – barley Cretan rusks with grated fresh tomatoes and feta cheese
  • Cretan olives and olive pate
  • Tzatziki
  • Traditional Greek salad
  • Fava – split yellow peas with onions and parsley
  • Briam – variety of summer vegetables baked in the wooden oven with herbs
  • Stuffed vegetables and stuffed vine leaves
  • Moussaka
  • Potatoes in the okra stew
  • Souvlaki – pork meat grilled on charcoals on spike
  • Veal burger grilled on charcoals
  • Desserts – walnut pie and original gelatin with yoghurt



  • Cretan Herbal tea
  • Cretan Orangeade
  • Red and White wine
  • Spring bottled water
  • Raki with dessert



  • Special prices apply for groups
  • Private groups and semi private groups available
  • Please email us for an offer for your group or for further information

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