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Education visits in Greece

With our 10 years experience and continuous development of our services, we organize a variety of school trips in Greece.

Every year, we arrange the implementation of the students excursions based on the requirement of each school unit. We are keen on the preferences of teachers, students and parents in order to offer the necessary services.

The responsibility of our team and partners provides guaranteed and incredible school excursions. The key products we offer are the modern and safe coaches, and of course staying in accommodation with high standard of service.

Recommended school trip destinations in Greece:

  1. Athens (3-4 day trip)
  2. Thessaloniki (5 day trip)
  3. Volos (3 day trip)
  4. Crete (4-5 day trip)
  5. Athens-Crete (7 day trip) etc


We are always updated for new destinations and areas of educational interest.

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Let’s travel together in a unique and unforgettable school trip!

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