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Crete hosts one of the largest vineyards in Greece, in terms of both size and production. The Cretan vineyard has the longest history and continuous presence in Europe, if not in the entire world. Archaeological findings and historical sources have proven that the Cretan vineyard has never ceased to produce wine from the Minoan times to the present day.

Guests will have the unique opportunity to visit the local vineyards (that depends of the season of the visit!) The tour continues in the production areas of the winery, where the guest will taste the various wines together with amazing Cretan food while enjoying the view.

Have a taste of the delicious Cretan wine produced in one of the most famous villages just outside Iraklion at the village of SCALANI. You’ll be amazed while a local expert explains you everything about the process of the wine, from the harvest to the bottling, which tradition is deeply rooted in the history of this area. Scalani Hills Boutari Winery on the Fantaxometocho Estate in Crete, is built just outside Skalani village and is surrounded by seven hectares of vineyards within the Archanes vine-growing region, a district producing “Appellation of Origin” (A.O.C.) wines. It lies on the road towards the village of Myrtia, birthplace of the famous Greek writer Kazantzakis and it is very close to the archaeological site

of Knossos, in a distance of less than 5 km.


Winery tour 2:


  • “Spondi” Premium Winery Tour


  • Visit the vineyard and learn about the history of Crete’s vines and the indigenous grape varieties


  • Visit the cellar and learn about wine production and aging


  • Taste five wines from different wine, Greek regions: Oropedio (white, dry wine from Mantinia), Fantaxometocho (white, dry wine from Crete), Simio Stixis Rose (rose, semi dry wine from Peloponnese), Naoussa Boutari (red,dry wine from Naoussa), Scalarea(red, dry wine from Crete).


  • Enjoy a wine and food pairing game with “Spondi to Crete” dishes: “dakos”, fried zucchini croquettes, vine leaf rolls stuffed with rice, Cretan graviera cheese.


Tour includes

  • A/C transportation
  • Tour Escort
  • Wine tasting & tapas of your choice



Tour Excludes

  • Meals , extras , personal expenses , tips


Wine tours can only be pre-reserved please use either our contact form or email to reservations@landmarks.gr

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