If you want to feel really like a true Cretan, come with us to the traditional village of Karouzana, a night dedicated to music, to dance and to tasty local food.

Reaching the ancient village, we have the chance to take our walk through this magnificent place and be surprised by the locals’ hospitality.

At dusk, we are going to enjoy the traditional feast, taste the delicious dishes with the cheese, the virgin olive oil, the meat and all the other products of the Cretan soil.

Get treated with the wine, listen to the sound of the Cretan “Lyra” and take delight in looking at the dancers, dressed in their traditional costumes performing Cretan and Greek folk dances. At the end of the night, we can also join the dancers, who will teach us the basic steps, so that we can also dance like modern Zorbas!      

Experience a Cretan evening like never before, the only thing you need to bring is your good mood!


19.45                Arrival in Karouzanos

20.00                Starts the program

22.40                End of the program and departure with the bus

00.30                Arrival in Heraklion


ROUTE:                                              50 km

DURATION:                                       app.6 ½ hours

STAY IN KAROUZANOS:               app.2 ½ hours


INCLUDED:    Buffet and Wine


  • Destination:Greece
  • PRICE :