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Knossos Palace, Lasithi Plateau Excursion 

Available: APRIL 2021 – OCTOBER 2021


Duration: 7 hours approximately – 140 km

Language: en, ru, de, fr

Location: Center Crete, Lasithi, East Crete, Heraklion



Visit Crete’s landmark, Knossos. 

It is impossible to come to Crete on vacation and not visit its landmark. For the island of Crete, Knossos has the same significance as the Acropolis for Athens.

The most famous and the most impressive palace of the Minoan era, the biggest and the greatest of the decision-making centers of the Minoan Crete.



Our tour in the majestic site travels us back to the past, getting us to know:

  • the Neolithic settlement,
  • the new imposing palace,
  • the four wings of the building with the ceremony chambers,
  • the public warehouses,
  • the Throne Room,
  • the Corridor of Procession with the amazing murals,
  • the Propylaea with the famous Double Horns of Consecration,
  • the Royal Chambers, the servants’ dormitories,
  • the storehouses of the palace,
  • the various workshops,
  • the Reservoir Basin,
  • a stone-built theatre.


Discover the myths of Knossos Palace

We are about to hear great myths, relating to the Palace of Knossos, such as the myth of the Labyrinth and the story of Daedalus and Icarus.

We are going to walk on Sir Arthur Evans’ steps. We may feel a bit of the excitement and pride he felt when he discovered this exceptional symbol of the Minoan architecture, which even nowadays transfixes everybody with its grandeur.


The miraculous icon of Virgin Mary

Leaving the marvelous Palace of Knossos, we continue our tour towards the centre of the island. We visit the lovely Monastery of Kera Kardiotissa. It was named after a miraculous icon of Virgin Mary. In an idyllic landscape, the monastery, run currently by nuns, is known for its artistic and its historical importance, as well as its remarkable murals.


The famous windmills of Lasithi Plateau

Moving on inland and driving up to the Lassithi Plateau, we have the chance to admire the remaining famous windmills. The ditches, the “linies” as they are known, the Venetian drainage system of the plateau that turned the arid area into the most important grain-growing region of Crete and of course the small traditional villages that still keep the scent of another era.


Dictean Cave: the place where Zeus was born

The most famous of all small traditional villages is the village of Psychro. We can admire the primeval traditional art of pottery-making by the remaining craftsmen and of course we have the opportunity to visit a very significant place for religious worship of the Minoan era, the cave of Psychro.

Psychro is mostly known as Dictean Cave. It is considered as the place where Zeus, the father of the Olympians Gods, was born.


Tzermiado village is known for its ideal climate which offers the healthiest life conditions for its residents.

Our next stop is Tzermiado, a village that stands out not only for its natural beauty and its breathtaking view, but also for its traditional architecture. Here we can use our cameras to immortalize the exquisite landscape, get a rest or enjoy our lunch in one of the numerous authentic taverns of the area.


  • What’s Included• Professional and Multilingual speaking guide.• Free pick up service from any place between Malia – Agia Pelagia.
  • Transfers with air-conditioned luxurious buses.
  • What’s Excluded• Entrance to Knossos (15.00€).• Entrance to Kera Monastery (2.00)• Tips and       – Individual expenses.
    – Entrance to Cave of Zeus (6.00€).


  • Free of Charge for Children up to 4 years.  • 50% discount for Children 5 – 12 years old (tour prices & extras).
  • Special prices apply for groups
  • Private groups and semi private groups available
  • Please email us for an offer for your group or for further information

  • Destination:Greece
  • Duration:1 days
  • DATES : Jun 08 - Jun 09
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